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Commodity transaction settlement tool LEXX PAY

LEXX PAY is a payment service using Bitcoin. Information about Bitcoin is easily available on the blockchain and anyone can check it right away. It is also possible to send money from anywhere in the world.
With the cooperation of JDB, the largest privately owned bank in Laos, ATM withdrawals and shopping settlements are also possible.


Trading and sales of automobiles and motorcycles

Trading and sales of automobiles and motorcycles

Development and sales of computer software

Today, we are in an era where we cannot survive without the Internet in order to expand our business around the world.
We can develop your own software for you.

Name of Company LEXX CO.,LTD
Address Phonetong Road, Phonetongsavath Village, Chanthabouly District VientianeCapital, Lso PDR
License Trading. wholesale.

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